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Vive Input Utility overriding XRDisplaySubsystem id


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Our app needs to know which headset type is currently plugged in.  We support Oculus, Windows MR, Vive, and Cosmos.  In the past we've used Unity's XRDisplaySubsystems, and then parsed their names to determine which headset is plugged in.  When we integrated the ViveInputUtility this broke, as now all of their ids are just "OpenVR Display".  Is there another way to get this info out of the Vive Input Utility, or to get the old ids back?  Thanks,


Our existing code:

	public static XRDisplaySubsystem GetXrSubsystem()
		var xrDisplaySubsystems = new List<XRDisplaySubsystem>();
		return xrDisplaySubsystems.FirstOrDefault();
    public static SteamVrDevice WindowsVrDevice
			string device = GetXrSubsystem()?.SubsystemDescriptor.id.ToLowerInvariant();
			if (string.IsNullOrEmpty(device))
				return SteamVrDevice.None;
			if (device.Contains("oculus") || device.Contains("quest") || device.Contains("miramar"))
				return SteamVrDevice.Rift;
			else if (device.Contains("hp reverb") || device.Contains("samsung") || device.Contains("lenovo"))
				return SteamVrDevice.WindowsMr;
			else if (device.Contains("vive"))
				return SteamVrDevice.Vive;
			else if (device.Contains("openvr"))
				return SteamVrDevice.ViveCosmos;
				return SteamVrDevice.None;


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@bert.haddad You can simply use VRModule.GetCurrentDeviceState(role.GetDeviceIndex()) to get device state which you can query information such as serialNumber, modelNumber, deviceModel, ...etc.

Let me know if you are still having issue.


Code sample as follows,

ViveRoleProperty role = ViveRoleProperty.New(HandRole.RightHand);

var deviceState = VRModule.GetCurrentDeviceState(role.GetDeviceIndex());

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