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[BUG] Eye Sample_v2 script can NOT correctly align blendshapes(Shape Tables) and input element columns ?

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Hi, I'm new for Vive Pro Eye.
Now, facing a weird problem for SRanipal_AvatarEyeSample_v2 script.
Just like below figures show, the script can NOT correctly align blendshapes and input element columns.

This situation happens no matter in the ViveSR sample scene or my customized avatar, created by Character Creator3. It causes me can not control the facial expression of my customized avatar.
I guess it happened due to the Editor script; however, I can not find it in ViveSR folder.

Does anyone know how to solve it? Or do this bug happened due to Unity bug?


ViveSR sample scene



My customized avatar




Runtime v1.3.2.0

Eye camera version 2.41.0-942e3e4

Unity version 2019.4.18f1

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Hi @agbastonb,


I didn't solve this problem until now. However, I used the stupid method to make the eye tracker work for my avatar successfully.

Because the SRanipal_AvatarLipSample_v2 has the correct input element columns., I just count which one I need in the EyeSample_v2 columns and align them one by one.

It sounds hilarious, but working!!!


Thank you.

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