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Taking a really long time to Ship new headset, What happened?

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I preordered mine on the 16 of May, My credit card company held it up till I called them and OKed the purchase now I am waiting . It says waiting on fulfilment. I suppose that sent me to the end of the line?


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Keeping fingers crossed for everyone 🤞

Looks like a bunch of us are due to receive it Wed. 

Guess that guy taking a long smoke break must have gone back to work. 🥴 🤪

Like the Romans use to say,

Let the games begin 😬

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@dburne I ship alot of stuff with FedEx and their delivery estimates have been all over the place the last month in the US as things reopen. Unless it specifically says "on vehicle for delivery" or something similar, you might want to temper your hopes. I personally shipped three headsets last week and all of the delivery estimates were off by a day.

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Mine is showing will be delivered today. It also shows it currently is about 5 hours away so will see.

On another note, is the maximum of two posts per day a permanent thing or does it eventually open up?

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