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How to track when a user takes off their helmet on HTC Vive Focus Plus?

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Hello, I am using the Unity XR SDK in my project. I need to implement the exit to the main menu when the user takes off the helmet, before the helmet goes into standby mode. I tried to track the moment of withdrawal using the XR API, here is an example implementation:

InputDevice headDevice = InputDevices.GetDeviceAtXRNode (XRNode.Head);
           if (headDevice.isValid == false) return;
         bool userPresent = false;
         boolean presenceFeatureSupported = headDevice.TryGetFeatureValue (CommonUsages.userPresence, out userPresent);

but it turned out that this option is not supported by my helmet model (HTC Vive Focus Plus). Are there any other ways to track the moment the user's helmet is removed? @Tony PH Lin

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