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Vive Eye Pro as Second Monitor


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Hi there, I am looking for a way to use the HMD as a second desktop. 
I know that steamvr has an option to turn off the direct display, however, it does not (apparently) provide any changes. 
Are there some techniques able to manage the Vive as a second monitor (preserving the eye-tracking)?


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You can't power the headset directly like a windows monitor because a headset needs weird optics to work with your brain and eyes. One of the primary roles of SteamVR is distorting the image for display on the panels so that the image isn't distorted when you look through the lenses.

You can only tools like Remote Desktop, SteamVR's built in Desktop Tool, Desktop + (free), OVRDrop, or Bigscreen. These take your monitor's signal and runs it though SteamVR and maps it in 6DoF with all of the distortion corrections.

The limitation with these, is that they can usually only duplicate a monitor that you actually physically have plugged in. This is because these applications simply read and copy from your GPU's framebuffer from that monitor and display that data in VR instead.

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@gran00 I'm not 100% sure on this use case, but there is a device called a "Headless Ghost" that you might be able to use to trick the PC into thinking you have another  physical monitor plugged in when you don't. I've seen these used by arcades but never to add a second monitor to a virtual desktop application.

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