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Upgraded computer but a downgraded experience!


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I still haven't worked thru' Seluecos suggestions, but I will do.

I have reduced the height of the base stations on their tripods. Which I intended to maybe stop and vibration that the motors might be causing.

I necessarily had to recalibrate the room set-up and now I seem to see a more steady picture (or I am more tolerant!). If it has worked then at the height they were the stations were getting some vibration into the tripods (they are also standing on carpet), which was making the tracking jump and also shake slightly. Now at the lower height I guess the tripods don't react to the base stations vibration.

I still get occasional glitches which seem to come when the computer is loading up a game or a new section and I am also moving my head.


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Hello again, Nigel!

I get some glitches as well while loading, I think that's normal. After all the whole VR world it's yet to be improved with time. From hardware to software to glitches and bugs. But what matters is that while you play, create, or whatever you are not suppouse to have issues. Sometimes in games is also possible but still, it's a new era, but most of the time should be fine. Sometimes when I start the Vive and when I pick the two controllers from my desk, one of them is floating away for a second, but then everything's fine. Sometimes in load sessions some bugs appears,  and rare in game. If that's the case with you, it's alright. 

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