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VP2 - Vertical lines with head movement

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I had a flickering display which got fixed in an update, but sadly now myself and others on Reddit are seeing vertical lines with head movement. If you keep still they go away.

This has been an issue on headsets before, most notably the Valve Index, but I believe the cured it by adding "Column Correction" or something.

Here's an image showing the exact symptom. It's from a Reverb G2, but it's the same thing we all see...

Q329F0j.jpg (2188×1460) (imgur.com)

It's very distracting and immersion breaking, once you see it you can't unsee it. Some have said it was an update that brought this issue and they didn't have it before. I can't say either way for myself as my display flickered too much

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i returned mine,fortunately i got it from amazon so it was a hassle free return,the way htc keeps ignoring this obvious common issue is crazy,how can you advertise a 5k screen and NO SCREEN DOOR EFFECT when with ever so slightly head movement it turns into the first vive sde wise,i ordered an 8kx instead i will return to confirm if that also has or doesnt have such issue,on my quest 2 this terrible behavior isnt present.

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