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I wanne go back to the old firmware!i am not happy with the scanlines or pixels that you see now while moving your head!


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I should have returned it before the end of the first 2 weeks. I was hoping for a fix ! They claim it is a hardware problem but I still do not understand why this happened suddenly after the headset fimware update. We all need an explanation. 


Please communicate HTC ! Either you are working on a fix (I still think that reverting back to the previous firmware would solve the problem) or we need to be refund. There is no other alternative.

This is an excellent headset but this problem ruins the experience.


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im seeing the pixel inversion grid in real life too after a session lmao,gotta be the firmware update it messed with the screen voltages or something,im not returning cause im getting used to it but for the price of this hmd this shouldnt be an issue and we need a column correction software fix like on index asap.

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