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Is anyone at HTC keeping track of user sentiment towards Vive software?


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Since I first got my Vive late last year, the prevailing advice towards the Vive software is to uninstall it. On the most active Vive forum (http://reddit.com/r/Vive) on Reddit, you'll find plenty of threads advising the removal of what is seen as "essentially useless and crash-prone" software.


It seems a shame to me that HTC is not improving things and is willing to absorb so much bad press. As a developer with many years of experience, I have a pretty strong opinion about what could be done to improve things, but after searching for some contact info for the team responsible for this software, the most suitable place was indicated to be here. Sad to say, this looks like a ghost town.


Could someone confirm that this forum is indeed the best place to communicate with either the QA team for the Vive software, the devs themselves, or with someone in a management position for the group? If direct communication with a person directly involved in the development of this software is not a possibility, is there at least a bug/issue tracker available where bugs and suggestions could be made?


Simply wishing to help,


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Hello Adrian / ,


In a word, yes. :)


This is indeed a good place to let us know about bugs and give us feedback. It's my job, in part, to funnel the feedback to our development team, although they monitor here as well. I actually had a thread in the main public forum, but it didn't get a lot of useful feedback. You may well be able to help us further, as a developer.


We're aware of the feedback within Reddit. At launch we had a number of issues that have been resolved, and the client is a lot more stable. Unfortunately, for reasons of their own, the moderators did not want us posting there - so the fact that many of the early issues have been resolved hasn't necessarily been made as public as we wanted.


We have a development team working on the Vive desktop software and they have a roadmap going forward. We have a long list of improvements we wish to make, and we take bugs seriously when found and/or reported. There is no public bug tracker, but we do have an internal system and when bugs are reported, we try to ensure to cross-check and notify people if they have found something new.


I'd welcome any and all feedback. I'd suggest for your own sanity you maybe list the top five things that seem broken / bugged / need improvement to start with, and I can let you know what we might be working on!


Feel free to PM me as well. As for it being quiet around here... well, tell your fellow devs we're here. :)

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