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Really bad stutters - Seeking diagnosis. Show as pink lines on the basic steam graph. Advanced Frame Timing graphs attached.


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I've made sure I don't have background processes running already. I wondered if anyone could help diagnose my issue.

  • Happens on all games tested - particularly when moving head around. Screen grabs from Half Like Alyx

I was hoping it was an issue with gpu monitoring software running in the background, but that was supposed to be fixed with the latest Nvidia drivers (which I have)

Plus I've disabled all 3rd party monitoring software - e.g. afterburner icue etc.

I do experience similar stutters in some non VR games such as Far Cry 5. Wondering if it could be a hardware issue.

Any help would be massively appreciated, it's driving me nuts and really impacting my enjoyment of VR.

Happy to supply more details if it could help diagnose the problem.

Many thanks

  • i9 9900k 
  • 3090
  • 32gb ram
  • Vive Pro 2







Here's an example of it happening less obviously:





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Hello !

Have you got HAGS (Hardware-accelerated GPU schedulling) enabled in Windows "Graphic settings" (found in System->top bottom of the page Display) ? It needs to be turned off (at least on my system), was the cause of horrible stutters in VR and non-VR games for me.

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