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Vive Cosmos Elite losing connection - faulty?

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Hi all,

I own a Vive Cosmos Elite and have done so for quite a few months. It has been working fine until now and I am not sure why things have started to become problematic.

Basically, I am losing connection between my headset and base units every couple of seconds. If I keep my head still or if I move it, I lose connection to both units. Also I am now starting to hear quite a loud whirring noise in the VR headset and wondering if something is faulty.

So far I have reinstalled the headset from scratch (i.e. removed all Vive software and started again) but this makes no difference. I have made no changes at all. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Kind regards,


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Its probably your cable. I had to replace mine after 6 months. Its made of really soft rubber witch kinks easy. I got a new one for 60 bucks at amazon the new one is made better. All so another problem I have had is on the link box. I thought it was the power cord end but no it was the hole it plugged in to. So I took a rubber band and wrapped around the plug end and the link box wire to put a little sideways pressure on the plug going into the hole works perfect now. All so The Cosmos Elite With the gear VR lens mod. Is far better then any headset you can buy to date. Fresnel lens suck and there still using them in the new headsets coming out. I don't get it its like looking at a 1990s TV screen. So you should google and check out the "gear VR lens mod for the Cosmos Elite" No more god rays no more circle lines "those circle lines cause the edges of graphics to be jagged" the entire lens is the sweet spot its as clear as my 4k TV.

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