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(BE AWARE)I'm also experiencing vertical lines with head movement


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i wonder why htc doesnt aknowledge this issue,i play with this all day on my pimax 8kx,sometimes i do want to reorder the vive pro 2 with the wireless adapter,but then i go into the 8kx tool adjust the pixel collumn to make it as horrible like vive pro 2 was and then i dont want no vive pro 2 anymore,seeing how simple it is on pimax to make the lines go invisible from terrible "vive pro 2" mode is infuriating,why htc doesnt give this option to the users.

@HackPerception htc please fix this talk with the engineers this is a simple software problem easily fixable 

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I will say that basically every LCD headset I've used has some level of pixel inversion. I am on my second Varjo Aero and both have it, getting another replacement too due to a dead pixel and I expect that will have it too. Index, Vive Pro 2, G2 and 8kx all had it to some degree, it just seems some people are lucky enough to never notice. I have seen it in all four Quest 2's I have played on natively.

The best thing was Pimax though. With their Pitool or whatever, you could enable a mode to use the volume buttons to "tune" out the pixel inversion. I really wish others would follow suit.

That all said, the Aero is still awesome, but the Vive Pro 2 I had was basically unusable due to the pixel inversion!

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