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Vive related performance problems


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Using a custom application we developed for safety training, we are experiencing low fps (max 22 min 15) only using Comos and not using Oculus.

The hw is Ryzen 7 3800XT/RTX 3070 for Cosmos testing, i9 10850k/GTX 1080 Ti for Oculus.

Cosmos will be the hw provided to our customer, Oculus was used as a comparison since our senior developer is used to this also.

PC using Oculus is dedicated for the customer and the project, so no bloated with other things. Using latest Nvidia drivers on both side (Cosmos and Oculus), no reprojection or anything.

Interacting with support so far didn't bring any specific useful hint, since time is running out wanted to ask also for public advice to speedup troubleshooting if possible.

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