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Cannot use VBS Server via Wi-Fi

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On 7/19/2021 at 9:38 PM, InfoPocket-Scott said:

Hi. It is not possible to disable Bitdefender GravityZone endpoint protection on protected device from the web console. The software would have to be deleted from the computer. Given that I setup exceptions in the endpoints policy to allow "RRConsole.exe" and "RRServer.exe" access to the network and function it may be possible that some TCP/IP or UDP ports may be being blocked but I am not seeing that in the GravityZone web console Dashboard. What TCP/IP and or UDP ports or port ranges does the VBS server application use to communicate with the Focus 3 via W-Fi?

DM you for detail

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For those following this thread. I added those ports allowing them to be passed without inspection to the GravityZone Firewall module. I still get error Wi-Fi streaming 912 on the one PC I tested. it is weird because I can see the IP address and name of the VBS server clearly. I also tested a Static IP on the PC but if you do that the VBS application gets a loop back IP of . VBS Server application seems to only run with a PC set to DHCP. I will try uninstalling GravityZone from one of the computers and then test to see if I can connect to the VBS server via Wi-Fi over the weekend.

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Update. I ran tests today and it turns out that the GravityZone Network module must be disabled completely for the Focus 3 to be able to connect to the VBS server application and run Steam VR. My tests involved disabling, one by one, all the sub settings in the GravityZone Network module; but none of that helped. Not until I completely disabled the entire module did things work and i could play Steam VR via Wi-Fi. I am going to raise a support ticket with Bitdefender Enterprise support team and get them involved.

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