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VIVE Software – Public Release Notes


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VIVE Software – Public Release Notes
Released July 15th 2021

Vive Console


  • Fixed flicking loading scene upon app launch (ex. Mona Lisa)
  • Fine-tuned vive console mirror mode - Single Eye View

[Vive Pro 2]

  • Supported Steam VR FOV scale function
  • Fixed error code URL to correct product page
  • Fine-tuned error code 224 mechanism for more cases
    If you are using NV card and still experiencing 224 error code after reduced the plugin monitors, please report here for more support

[Vive Lens]

  • Fixed Grip button no function when using remote desktop mode
  • Fixed desktop mode controller hint UI show on wrong hand


  • Fixed missing digital signature to prevent initialize failed (ex. aristo_interface.dll)
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Yea what about those terrible scanlines,please communicate to your customers about this huge prolem on the vive pro 2!

We want to know is it hardware or software or firmware?

Edited by John2910
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