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Support tickets not getting registered?


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Back in january the 3rd, I sent a support ticket regarding a faulting lighthouse, but I've not received any words since then. No confirmation mail was ever sent and no ticket ID provided. After typing a 2500 letter description and hitting sumbit, nothing happened.


Now, roughly two months later without any reply, I've resumbitted the ticket, but still the same thing. No confirmation what so ever that the ticket got sumbitted.


I read that some people were having issues with ad-blockers and such causing the support page not to work, so I've tried disabling it, as well as running other browsers and such, just in case.



Is there a way for you to verify that my support ticket got registered on your end? Are any kind of feedback of a successful sumbission provided upon registering a ticket?


Thank you, and have a great day!

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