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Incorrect wording in the Vive Business Appstore in regards to app licenses?


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I'm the developer of Climbey, and I've had very little success actually getting the couple consumers that bought the Focus 3 to buy the game.

One person told me the store only accepts Credit cards, which is already a huge hurdle to begin with, and then while you're buying content on the store it also asks for a "commitment" to a "perpetual license" and some of the wording there makes them feel like they're going to be stuck in a recurring license fee.

Climbey is a one-time purchase title but people are generally afraid of buying content because the wording of the purchasing process makes them think they're going to be paying a monthly fee, which is incorrect and scares people off.

As a side thing, I'd love for people to have less overall hurdles to buying content, let them buy things directly in-headset, and let them link their paypal account to their HTC account so they're not forced to use credit cards to buy content.

Maybe just use all the things the regular Viveport store uses for payment? I don't see why this business appstore even has to be separate, let business stuff just be a category in the store instead of the main purpose.

Consumers are definitely buying this headset, but they're not buying content because of the store's payment setup.


I've sent a bunch of suggestions over via email but haven't been getting a response so I figured I'd raise the store issues here...



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I was wondering if any changes are planned on this front? I'd love a more convenient way to pay for titles from the entertainment catalogue (such as Climbey). A seperate category for native Vive Focus 3 apps in VIveport would be amazing.

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Yeah same, I feel like they're under-serving the non-business users that bought the Focus 3 currently.

They'd do well with separating business and non-business in the same device somehow- perhaps through having business and non-business accounts and having it show different stores depending on what type of account you're on.

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