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Vive Tracker - SteamVR setup + Unreal Engine 4 setup + Noitom Hi5 VR Gloves setup

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Hi all,


I've received two Vive Trackers Development Kit and I've been experimenting during the weekend.


I made a video showing how to do the SteamVR setup and how to integrate the Trackers inside the Unreal Engine 4.

I also created a setup very similar to what Noitom did with their Hi5 VR gloves.



If you have any questions please let me know


Best Regards


Nicolas Esposito


Enter Reality

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I really like your work, I wish you luck.

We wanted to test VIVE tracker on our Television Virtual set. We wanted to try using Vive tracker with UE4 camera, by buying only Vive tracker + 2 Base stations first without buying Vive pack. Is it possible to only use 2 Base stations, with Vive tracker? Will they work together, without Vive headset, controller?


I kindly wait for your reply.

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The Trackers are indipendent from the controller and from the HMD, but without the controllers and the HMD you can't do the room scale calibration, which is a necessary step for the room scale setup, so even if you buy just the trackers and the base station, you will need the controller+HMD to make it work.


An alternative could be to ask someone to borrow their Vive, so that you can do the calibration the first time using your cameras and his HMD/Controllers, and after that is done you can just simply use the Trackers+Cameras and that's it.


I haven't tried that, so in a couple of days I'll do a test to see if everything works properly and give you a 100% answer to this issue

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