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Vive Hand Tracking SDK Release 1.0.0


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Hi everyone,

Vive Hand Tracking SDK has a new release v1.0.0 today. You can download it from here. For Unity developer using Unity 2019 or newer, please install it from scoped registry by following steps in our document.

Highlight of changes:

  1. Update deep learning models for all platforms with improved accuracy and improved skeleton detection speed
  2. Add support for Vive Pro 2
  3. Add support ARCore in Unity/Unreal/C++ plugin
  4. Reworked smoothing to make 3d result more stable and responsive
  5. Detection is now paused when HMD is took off for PC HMDs. This uses proximity sensor on device
  6. Add support for Wave 4.0 (Vive Focus 3 only) in Unity/Unreal plugin

For detailed changes, please refer to release notes.

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