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Getting a new 3 in 1 cable to an unsupported country?


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So I have this problem. The HDMI in my original 3 in 1 cable broke. I started getting a black screen and no audio from time to time until it stopped working alltogether. I then baught a new HDMI cable (Hama 4k) and it worked, but it seems like this HDMI cable doesn't last that long. It just cannot take the heavy usage and within weeks I started getting these green dots popping up everywhere when in dark scenes. A month later I have green show everywhere and even green lines flickering all over the place. It's definitely the HDMI cable.

The bizzare thing is that I baught the exact same hama 4k cable a second time, but for some strange reason this time the Vive rejects it immediately. No image, yet the faulty Hama 4k one still works, but with green noise. How is that even possible when it's the exact same cable? It really makes no sense at all. Perhaps I cut in too deep into the plastic when I was grinding it down so it could fit into the headset. Both cables still work with a normal monitor with no issues at all though.

The headset itself is fine since I get a clear image if I use the short HDMI calbe that is supposed to connect my GPU to the linkbox.


tl;dr - I live in Estonia. How would I go about acquiring a new 3 in 1 cable when the HTC Vive accessory shop doens't ship here? If I simply can't then is there an alternative HDMI cable that is durable available somehwere that I could order to Estonia?

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So this is interesting. Although I cannot choose Estonia from the "Change my location" menu there seems to now be an Estonia option in the country selection during checkout and it also knows to calculate the shipping cost.


So I don't know if I didn't notice that the fist time or something, but it appears as if I can now actually get this shipped to Estonia.

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