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What do typical VR arena setups look like? Implementation examples of an HTC based setup


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I am currently thinking about planning a VR Arena Café. The visitors should be able to play VR games together in one room on as large an area as possible. I am now trying to get an idea of what exactly I need and how high my budget should be.

However, I'm having a hard time grasping what the specific requirements are for a professional setup based on HTC components.

So far, I'm assuming the following points:


playing area (10m x 10m)




SteamVR Base station 2.0


Gun-like controllers supporting Vive tracking system

At this point I wonder what requirements the computers must have. I assume that I need computers per player (i.e. 8). However, it is not clear to me what performance requirements they have, nor how the communication between them should look. I am missing case studies for just such scenarios.

Can someone help me here?

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