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VR workouts for the mind and body!



The New Year is always a time of renewal, and for many of us it's a time to resolve to do better, whether that's with our bodies or in our minds. Naturally, there are VR apps for that!


From today until Wednesday, January 24th we're offering some fantastic VR apps at 50% off that will help you in mind, body and perhaps even soul. Here's a quick rundown of what's on offer:


For your body...


Virtual Sports

Take on tennis and play some ping-pong with Virtual Sports, which includes two ball-batting games to keep you on the move. With AI opponents who’ll show you no mercy and the ability to play multiplayer matches, this is one exercise routine that’s anything but.



Racket Fury: Table Tennis VR

In the future, wars will be decided by robots. And table tennis. Yes, after a two-millennia war it’s only natural that the peace will be maintained by a table tennis competition called the Division of Steel! Eye-opening plot aside Racket Fury is a different take on table tennis, with hi-res visuals and extremely shiny robots to compete against. You’ll also be able to enhance your robotic avatar after every successful match, allowing you to compete at the upper echelons of artificial table tennis!



Dash Dash Run!

Ever played an ‘endless runner’? Ever wanted to be in one? To some that might sound like a special form of torture, but one thing cannot be denied: if you’re running in Dash Dash Run, you’ll be working up a sweat. That’s because in this frenetic racing game you have to pump your arms (with your controllers in hand) to make your avatar run. The faster you pump, the faster you run… if you’re old-school enough to remember 80s arcade classics such as Track & Field, you probably get the idea already. At least in VR, you won’t need to mash buttons to get yourself moving (or insert quarters to continue). This time though you’ll need to dodge around articles, grab coins and run as fast as you can if you’re going to top the global leaderboard.



Final Soccer VR

If you’ve ever dreamed of standing on an emerald pitch, poised to take a penalty kick that could win the match… then you need to get into Final Soccer VR. What started as a goalkeeping simulator now allows you to compete as goalie and striker, with a fully-featured sim mode, fun arcade mode, multiplayer and a lot more. Worth going into overtime for this one.



For your mind…


Nature Treks VR

While getting out into nature is always a good thing, there are times when you just can’t make it happen – and of course, many times when you can, but nature doesn’t cooperate. Experience some breathtaking scenes, interact with animals and best of all, literally create the world around you. Nature Treks VR is a lot more than just a walkabout; it’ll activate your creativity while also relieving your stress.




If you’re looking to meditate, putting on a Vive headset might not be a bad start – no visuals to distract, no noises to get in. To enhance that experience you might want to try Nirvana, which places you in a virtual meditation temple where, surrounded by symbols of the divine, you can try to focus and block out the rest of the world.



Guided Meditation VR

While Nirvana looks to harmony in simplicity, Guided Meditation VR (as the title suggests) will steer you towards enlightenment with a strong helping hand. Designed to help anyone begin their meditation practice or improve a current one, Guided Meditation includes 19 environments, over 300 meditation spots and over 15 hours of helpful meditation material. If you’re looking for a vacation from the everyday, you’ll find one here.



Whatever VR apps you choose to try, we wish you a happy, healthy and fulfilled year ahead!

Available on Viveport:


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