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SteamHammerVR - The Rogue Apprentice

Greenlit Content


Viveport Review: SteamHammerVR -  The Rogue Apprentice


Gamestorm VR’s wave-based shooter dazzles and engrosses the player with beautifully created environments and gameplay.



By Joshua Hawkins, Greenlit Content



There are a ton of wave-based shooters for the HTC Vive, and while some of them continue to wow me and grab my attention, a lot of them fall short of offering enough replay value to keep me coming back. SteamHammerVR – The Rogue Apprentice tackles this issue by offering several different game modes, including a story mode, arcade-type mode, and even leaderboards that give players with a competitive edge something to strive towards.



I’m a big fan of steampunk games and movies, and getting that old-school steampunk vibe from SteamHammerVR was one of my favorite parts of the game. Everything about it is made to feel like you’re in the steampunk era. As you listen to the narrative and play through the story, you really get this feeling that you’re back in Victorian London, fending off primitive steam-driven machines. It’s a fun and addicting loop that made it easy to get lost in the game, and the SMART movement system that the game incorporates to help you get around is by far one of the best teleport-based movement systems that I’ve ever seen in virtual reality. 


If you aren’t into the story, you can also take on a more arcade-like experience with Seek and Destroy, which allows you to combo together shots to boost your score and earn a spot on the global leaderboards. This is perfect for those who want a competitive edge in the game because it gives you something to push towards, and getting good at SteamHammerVR is no easy task.



The learning curve of the game is one of my favorite things. There are a ton of different gadgets and weapons to cycle through, and figuring out how to use them to your advantage and keep the mechanical vermin at bay requires plenty of skill and fortitude. It’s a lot to take in at first, and it took me a couple hours of playing to really grasp what I was doing, but once I had an idea, I was able to move more fluidly between the gadgets and make the most of them.


This is what makes SteamHammerVR shine—forcing you to push through the learning curve and become a better player. Now throw in the insane replay value and options galore, and SteamHammerVR has earned a permanent spot in my library.







SteamhammerVR is available in Viveport Subscription.


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