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The Wizards

Greenlit Content


Viveport Review: The Wizards


Rid the land of orcs, goblins, and other nasty creatures, all with the power of your hands!



By Renee Ruiz, Greenlit Content



Move aside Harry Potter! A new wizard is in town to save the day. In The Wizards, Carbon Studio deliver a spell casting adventure game that is both immensely satisfying and great looking to boot!  Orcs, goblins, and other creatures invade the realm of Meliora, and it’s up to you to rid the land of these unwelcomed guests.  If you daydream of casting magical orbs at monsters and piercing them with frozen arrows, The Wizards belongs on your must play list.


Our adventure begins with a meet and greet with the previous guardian, the master spell caster named Aurelius. He is a mighty wizard who intends to find a pupil and train this person in the ways of wielding powerful spells; this protégé, of course, is you. After you've settled in and picked up the basics, you set forth and begin the assault to take back Meliora.


Thanks to The Wizards' intuitive controls, learning spells is a breeze even for the most novice of wizards.  Moving your hands in specific patterns to create spells gets easier over time, and before long, you’ll unleash those aforementioned ice arrows and fireballs, while levitating objects like a pro. If you're finding arcane mastery a little tricky, you can train in a safe realm created by Aurelius as a private practice area.  Mastering these spells pays off, with each hit to an enemy feeling powerful and satisfying.


Teleporting into the enemy infested realm, you'll experience how devastated the land has become.  Orcs and goblins run rampant, and must be stopped by any means necessary.  Fireballs, the ice crystal bow and various other spells become available the further you progress into the campaign.


Additionally, the more you fight, the stronger your spells become, eventually leading to new forms and schools of magic. Finally, your arsenal contains powerful Fate Cards that can weaken even the strongest of adversaries. These provide a welcome advantage against the imposing horde.


I've also got to point out - if you can't tell already from these screens - that The Wizards looks incredible. There are plenty of details to soak up in the fantasy world of Meliora, from crumbling caverns to abandoned fortresses. The spells you'll summon also brighten up the screen, with fireballs and other spells magically appearing from your virtual hands. This is definitely one of the more graphically intense VR games that we’ve played.


With tight controls to summon spells, ever increasing powers and amazing graphics, The Wizards really makes you feel like a mystic enchanter.  If you are into fantasy, get ready to don your wizard robe and set off on your next adventure!


 The Wizards is available on Viveport, and in Viveport Subscription.


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This game is just impressive, the beauty of the art, the sound, the immerssion is just Wahoo. Moreover it fully supports MR and this for content creators are real additional value. so 5/5 really deserved.

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