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  1. Hi all, I recently upgraded my Unreal Engine 4 plugin called Rigel, an "All in One" Full Body Motion Capture solution. Rigel use Vive Trackers for body tracking ( up to 10 trackers ), Valve Knuckles or Notiom Hi5 for fingers tracking, and the iPhone for facial tracking. With 2.0 we added native support for Autodesk Maya humanIK, Mixamo, Blender Auto-Rig Pro plugin and Daz3D rigged characters! Rigel V2.0 release video Regards, Nicolas Esposito https://www.enter-reality.it/project-rigel
  2. Out of curiosity, and completely against HTC guidelines of trackers usage, I decided to do a bit of a stress test on them, in order to see how bad the tracking gets under strong lights, specifically in daylight but also using a weldking torch in close proximity...results were completely unexpected. Vive Trackers Stress Test
  3. Rigel has been update to V1.6, adding the following features and fixes: - Arms Delta added: UI > Advanced Settings > Arms Delta sliders for Up/Down/X allows you to dynamically extend/shorten the arms reach - Hips height is now automatically set after the initial calibration ( no longer floating feet or bent legs after calibration ) - Fixed clavicles popping when arm raised - Fixed MetaHumans UI - Standard and VR Demo have been updated - Rigel for Unreal Engine 5 ( experimental version ) available: since Noitom Hi5 plugin is not yet available, you'll get some errors and/or crashes, but you'll be able to test Rigel on UE5!
  4. Rigel V1.2 has been released I did several improvements over Rigel during the last month, in order to make the hands and feet tracking more precise, and also adding some unique features, such as the integration of a Full Body VR setup with advanced interactivity using the Vive Controllers, Valve Knuckles and Noitom Hi5. V1.2 Rigel Updates
  5. I'm very proud to announce that Rigel, my "All in One" Full Body Motion Capture solution built using Unreal Engine 4 for body, fingers and face, has been released! Rigel Release Video You can download and try the demo using this link: Rigel V1.0 Demo I also created a series of Video Tutorials, in order to understand the Vive Trackers setup and how to use Rigel, and a detailed documentation page: Rigel Video Tutorials Rigel Documentation I want to personally thank Noitom for providing support and hardware over the years, so thanks to Dr. Tristan Dai, Alex and all the team. I also would like to thank Valve for sending me the Valve Knuckles. A huge shout out to Ian Ross, who took care of converting Rigel to C++, fixing bugs and creating the plugin. Thanks to Epic Games for creating Unreal Engine and becoming my favourite software of all time. If you would like to know more about Rigel, use the link below: https://www.enter-reality.it/project-rigel Best Regards, Nicolas Esposito
  6. Hi all, We've recently updated our Rigel Demo by adding 3 Paragon Characters, Revenant, Yin and Lt.Belica, in order to show the Adaptable IK Retargeting. Rigel Demo Paragon Characters You can find the demo download, video setup and documentation using the link in the first post.
  7. Hi all, We're releasing a demo for Rigel, our "All in One" Full Body Motion Capture Solution for body, fingers and face, so that potential customers can test this solution and evaluate accordingly. Here you can download the executable demo: Rigel Demo Since the introduction of the SteamVR Input plugin, there have been some changes related to the Vive Trackers setup, so we made a video explaining what needs to be done in order to make everything work during Rigel's Calibration. Rigel Demo Guidelines User Feedback is very important at this stage, so once you'll test Rigel, we ask you to spend a couple of minutes on this survey. Rigel Demo Survey Looking forward to receive valuable feedback! For any questions regarding Rigel, feel free to contact esposito.n@enter-reality.it Regards, Nicolas Esposito www.enter-reality.it
  8. Hi all, In this video you can see the realtime motion capture data smoothing that allows the user to choose the degree of smoothing while recording motion capture. This feature is intended to smooth out data while recording fast movements ( like fighting and fast gestures ), so that the animation curve will require less cleanup after the mocap has been recorded. Rigel - Features Highlight - Realtime Motion Capture Data Smoothing
  9. Hi all, In this video we're showing some of the advanced features for Rigel, our All in One Full Body Motion Capture Solution using Vive Trackers. We're showing how fast and easy the calibration process is, and how Rigel is able to retarget in realtime the animation data from the Vive Trackers to characters with different body size. Rigel - Features Highlight The Full Body Motion Capture Solution is set for release at the end of June, and a demo will be available in short time. If you want to read more about the entire setup, here is a FAQ page. Regards, Nicolas Esposito
  10. Thanks for the reply. The idea for me would be to have the possibility to extend the tracking area using a backpack PC ( tested with the Vive Pro and MSI One, works perfectly ), to walk around and interact with the environment, possibly having a Full Body IK character driven by a realtime character using Vive Trackers. So this is something that Valve, needs to take care of I guess.
  11. Hi all, I'm creating an interactive movie-like experience using the Vive Pro and mocap gear using the Vive Trackers. As soon as the Lighthouse 2.0 will be again available on steam, I'm planning to buy 14 of them, since I would like to extend the tracking area as much as possible, in theory to 40x10 meters. Is this something that is still possible to do in SteamVR, or is just an experimental feature that might be removed without warning on a future steamvr update? Regards, Nicolas
  12. I recently added a "Downloads" page on my website, in order for potential customers to try the Full Body VR solution I created, for both Full Body Motion Capture and Advanced Interactivity, using IKinema Orion + Noitom Hi5 VR Gloves.The Full Body Interactivity VR solution is mostly used for Virtual Job Training, and allow the user to enhance their presence in VR when performing a task, in addition to gather data while the task is performed ( body posture, performance time, and so on ).Demo DownloadHere you can see some GIFs of the interaction system:GrabPinchMenuMovementFeel free to download them and if have any questions please let me know. Nicolas Esposito www.enter-reality.it
  13. Sorry for the later reply, I haven't checked the forum in a while. Anyway I already solved the drifting caused by the suit, adding a Vive Tracker onto the mocap suit, . No drifting at all, and I guess that the same technique can also be used on Xsens, but the playing are is 10x10meters max, since apparently you can't chain together more then 4 V2.0 base stations ( even if I clearly remember devs chaining together 16 of them ). If you're interested in this setup contact me via DM
  14. I was able to reach MSI support, and it's confirmed that the Vive Pro works with the MSI VR One using a Mini Display Port cable, this has been tested by both MSI and HTC. A new 3-in-1 short cable is currently in production and it will be released likely at the end of August.
  15. I reached MSI support, but they won't be available ( at least in Italy ) for at least a week, so I contacted another department asking for clarifications, so I'll wait for their response. Reading the specification of the MSI VR One I can see that all 3 possible output ( HDMI, Mini Display Port and Type C ) supports 4k@60Hz ( see attached image ), so I guess I'll buy an adapter for also the Type C and see if it works...and let's hope it will
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