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  1. Update, I did manage to get the headset to turn on briefly, while on it continually strobed between grey and the running program at a rate of over 10hz. Then turned off and I haven't been able to get it started again.
  2. I have installed both the new cable and the new link box and now I can not get the in HMD screens to turn on at all. Software is still saying that everything is working though. This is getting really frustrating as this is not a cheap piece of hardware, not to mention the couple hundred dollars in software for it I am currently unable to use.
  3. Yes, we are wearing it. I think we have tracked down the problem, it took a couple hours yesterday. After a lot of testing, the power cord coming from the linkbox to the HMD, or the port on the linkbox itself is turning the screen off and on. I don't know how this is possible but when tension is put on the chord, it shorts the HMD, but ONLY the screens on the inside, tracking according to the monitor software and everything else continues to function (the headset still appears green in steam as well), the light on the side of the headset is also still green. I have ordered both a new cable and linkbox since I do not know which is the culprit but we are fairly certain over here that it is the linkbox. Also, after looking at how the linkbox is designed I would strongly recommend that HTC/Valve release a cable tension bracket so that these linkbox's dont continue to fail for all of your customers who have larger than average play spaces. We believe that the linkbox (if it has failed) failed because our play area is 4M x 3M and the tension on the cable when on the far side of the play area from the linkbox caused wear on the port. The distance is far enough that tension picks the cable off the ground in the far corner from the linkbox putting all the weight of the cable on the three ports.
  4. I am having the exact same issue with the headset display not turning on. Green light on side of headset, tracking, display mirror shows correct image but the headset does not show anything. I have been intermittently successful at getting the grey screen to appear in the headset for a few seconds after rebooting, but it just turns itself off after a while.
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