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  1. Hi, sorry for the delay in updating this thread but unfortunately unforeseen circumstances delayed my response. Not sure how this will help others but I have successfully run subscription apps and games directly from the Vive portal and Library. I am not sure whether Vive have updated something their end or whether what I did made any difference. But this what I did : The first installation of Vive and the Vive Library were on to my current working Windows 10 hard drive which had no issues, or antivirus installed (ever) and would run SteamVR without a problem and all games from Steam. Although wouldn’t allow me to run any of the Vive subscription games or applications and would pop-up an error message : Launch Failed : Viveport app does not launch (23204) To try and get to the bottom of the issue I had a spare hard drive, exactly same as the first and carried out a clean install of Windows 10 with all the latest Microsoft updates. I then reinstalled Steam, SteamVR and Vive and set up the HTC Vive headset without installing anything else. The size of the play space had increased slightly this time around. To my delight the first application I downloaded from the Vive Library booted as expected with no issues or error messages. I did notice that during my installation that the process updated my Cloud SteamVR files due to the new installation and setup of the Vive headset and sensors. I didn’t think anything of it at the time but continued to test whether games and applications would indeed run from within the Vive Library on the new hard drive, I downloaded a few and they ran from both Steam and Vive Library without any issues. I then booted the first hard drive which had been experiencing problems, and ran the already installed SteamVR and Vive applications, and to my amazement the applications ran without any issue or showing the previous error message directly from the Vive Library. If Vive have not changed anything on their server or Library then I think the update to the Cloud settings may have corrected the issue. Although I can’t be 100% sure, however everything now works perfectly on both drives. If you still need the log files I can send them over via PM
  2. Thanks for more information on the error code. But I don't have any antivirus installed, never have on this Windows 10 system as I only use it to launch games. Could the default Windows 10 protection be causing this? I have disable as much as Windows 10 allows but still have same problem. Hope this helps further. Cheers Julian
  3. - John C I have tried pretty much everything listed online, from a complete fresh install of Windows 10, Viveport without any antivirus software, but disabling the Windows defender. Setting the BIOS settings on my motherboard to default. I have the most up-to-date versions of both SteamVR and Viveport and have updated all the hardware to the latest firmware. Checked that I am using the correct Vive account details and login which are used to purchase my hardware. The subscription to Viveport was supplied as a 30 day trial from within the box. I can download the Viveport subscription applications Without any issue, but when I go to launch them, I then received the error mentioned before. Launch Failed : Viveport app does not launch (23204) However all Steam downloaded VR titles work perfectly and run both on my old Windows 10 installation and the clean Window 10 drive I set up specifically to test the Viveport app. What does the error code (23204) actually relate to? Hope you can help, as it's quite frustrating to have all these new applications available to try only to fall at the last hurdle. Regards Julian
  4. Hi Snow I am also experiencing hte same issues with the error Launch Failed : Viveport app does not launch (23204). Have checked eveything and all apps in Steam work seemless load and play perfectly. Only Viveport and subscriptions are not working. Hope you can help HTC Harad
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