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  1. After replacing the 3 in 1 cable with the original and talking with tech support they decided to create a repair ticket for the adapter. I will update here if you guys like.
  2. Tried swtichign the USB. Still does not work. Works tethered perfectly fine. Super frustrated.
  3. Now I just tested it again and I think it may be the cables from the adapter to the headset because as soon as I lifted the DAC part to put the headset on it shut off again. This was a common problem with the tpcast cables.
  4. It goes completley black and the headset loses video and audio. This started happening today. I thought it was a usb cable issue because I thought i noticed it happening when I would slightly jiggle the battery, but it seems it be happening when everything is perfectly still as well. The wireless adapter was purchased through newegg on preorder. I can get it to come back up after disconnecting the battery and restarting the wirless connection. It stays on for a few minutes then goes off again.
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