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  1. Hey! (Using WaveVR 3.1.1 and Unity 2019.1.8f1) I'm building my demo cross-platform and I'm trying to keep the projects as consistent as possible, as part of this I'm using a custom interaction system. The object the pointer is attached to is changed by the Serialised Field on the Inputmanager. The event camera is set to the "Both Eyes" camera. I've tested the pointer interaction in the editor by attaching it to a cube and moving it up or down with the W and S keys, the UI button changes colour depending on if the pointer is on it or not. But when I build it to the Focus the pointer doesn't interact with the UI or Canvas at all but passes straight through it and I'm not sure why. I've attached the project to this post. Any help would be much appreciated!. Thanks, Paulo @Tony PH Lin @Cotta SimpleInteractionFocus.7z
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