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  1. Hello. I have seven trackers. I tagged each tracker with a numbered sticker. I realized that is not possible to identify what icon belongs to each tracker. So is it impossible to check battery level of the trackers in a proper way, because it will be not a good solution to turn off all the trackers and reconnect one by one... Do I miss something ? THANKS
  2. I posed my own video about this issue https://youtu.be/jPmOxrsQMfE Support told me i must send them back the device for the repair process. And i had to buy another Base-station before send it to them so I can continue working with at least two Base-stations
  3. I have the same horrible noise on just one of my two brand new BaseStations 2.0ç This happened just from the very first time I plugged it in. So I guess Valve is doing a bad job (or none) testing their devices before they leave the production line. now I must spend money to send the noisy device to their "Repair services".... to repair what? I didn´t broke it...
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