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  1. That's great ! I have some usb extension cables that might work... But anyways, you already gave me the answers I needed and I'm grateful for that. Thanks a lot for your quick replies VibrantNebula, have a great new year's eve as well !
  2. Happy to hear that ! And thanks for your reply. The micro usb cables that are sold with the puck and the dongle will be able to send data ? If not, can you send me a link or a reference for a cable that would work, maybe the one that you use, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks again ☺️
  3. Hello ! I've wanted to know if it was possible for a tracker to work properly without it's dongle, if connected directly with the micro usb / usb cable. It was actually hard to find some related posts, the one I've found were fairly old but people said it was not possible ( they said that a firmware update that might make it work was on the roadmap though). So, since I didn't find any proper answer while searching, I wanted to know if it was now doable, and if a "mix" was doable as well, having two wireless trackers with two dongles and one last tracker connected via usb ( no dongle) for exemple. Thank you
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