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  1. Please give us the option to keep installation files for the vive software stored locally. In the modern world where everything is cloud based or streamed I think companies have completely forgotten that not everyone in the world has fast internet. I have horribly slow internet (3mb/s) and I have 2 different computers that I play VR on. One in the family room where I set it up for the kids to play games and one in my office that is my main gaming PC that I usually keep up to date. If there is an update it takes me in excess of an hour to download the update, then I have to go to the other PC and spend another hour to update it whenever the kids want to play. A new beta launches and I spend an hour updating (more if the wife or kids are using the internet). Find out that the new beta has bugs that make it worse than the old version and need to roll back to the old version, well then lets spend another hour redownloading the version I already had installed previously. it would be nice if I could just put the updated installer that I already have on one computer on a usb drive and update the other computer instead of having to listen to my kids ask me if its done yet 1000 times, or spend 2 hours downloading files when a new beta sucks and by the time its done I dont have time to even play a game. I don't even care about being able to transfer game files between pc's although that would be nice. I just want an offline installer or that the files that the Vive software manager downloads to be kept locally and to be able to put on a drive to move between computers or for rolling back to non beta or installing on another pc.
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