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  1. Oh that will be difficult. Wouldn't know how I could provide that. Just take a look.
  2. Thank you for the info. That's exactly what I was looking for. Is there somewhere a description of what the other classes and functions in the VIU can be used for? Unfortunately I haven't been able to find it yet.
  3. After I had to reinstall my computer, the values are strangely as expected. Mmmm, I don't know what happened there. Guess that solved my problem by itself. Thanks anyway for your help. Stephan
  4. Generally, yes. But how do I query that in Unity? But I have the impression that the tracker still supplies dirty position data before it reports that it is no longer tracking. Can this be recognized faster so that I can switch to another tracker at the right time.
  5. Will try the HMD next week. If you want to try it without an HMD, here is a good description. http://www.pencilsquaregames.com/getting-steamvr-tracking-data-in-unity-without-a-hmd/ I use SteamVR 1.9.16
  6. Excuse me. My mistake. When I walk forward from the window to the door, it's the X axis. My project is running on Unity with SteamVR and HTC.UnityPlugin imported. Is HTC.UnityPlugin the same as VIU? There is also a ViveInputUtility directory within the HTC directory.
  7. Thank you for the info. How should I explain it in more detail? I have a space of 3.50 m by 4.80 m. When I enter the room through the door, I have a base station on the right above the door in the corner of the room. Also diagonally opposite another. So in the top left corner, above my window. When I walk from the window towards the door, this currently corresponds to the X direction (right). If I walk to the left, that's the Z axis. Now I have a MoCap system (Perception Neuron from NOITOM), which uses the Z axis when running forward. And for the right, the X axis. Would like to put a tracker on the back of the hip and use it to correct the position. But somehow I have huge problems to use this correctly. Think I'm still too beginner. I hope I have understood that understandably. Also use the Google translator. Stephan
  8. Hi there, As far as I know, the Z axis changes as my tracker moves forward. Is there a setting that not the Z-axis but the X-axis points forward? Or can I somehow convert that? Do you have a tip for me, please? Use Unity with SteamVR and ViveUnityUtility. I'm still a beginner. Sorry. Thank you Stephan @chengnay
  9. Hi there, would like to measure the distance between two trackers. Place two trackers on the floor at a distance of X cm from each other. In Unity (SteamVR + ViveInputUtility) I use the function 1. Vector3.Distance (Tracker1.position, Tracker2.position) Distance -> Result 1m -> 4,250 0.5m -> 3,904 0.25m -> 3.748 2. Vector3.Distance (Tracker.position.z, Tracker.position.z) Distance -> Result 1m -> 3.44 0.5m -> 3.04 0.25m -> 2.84 What do these numbers tell me now? I don't understand that! I am currently using a configuration without HMD. Do I have to calibrate the system somehow (room measurement) so that I get meaningful values? Strangely enough, the trackers are very far below my floor. Funny too! Thank you Stephan @chengnay
  10. Hi there, how can I checkif a tracker is no longer tracking? Would like to switch to a second one. Is this possible? Use Unity and the ViveInputUtility or SteamVR Thanks Stephan @chengnay
  11. Hi there, have the same problem. Have you already solved the problem? If yes, how? Thank you Stephan
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