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  1. Hello. I'm building a 3D game using WaveVR SDK in Unity. It's a mini town with buildings and moving cars. However, my game is always with very low fps which is around 6 ~ 15 fps. I would like to ask usually what factors will cause a low fps? Thanks a lot!
  2. Hello. I'm using Vive Focus Plus and building a game with wave unity SDK. I have a game where the player will just sit on a bed throughout the entire game, I simply place the camera at the "head" position. The problem is when I lead forward/backward my camera will leave the gameobject and "see himself" staying at the original position. What will be a better approach to avoid this weird situation? I'm thinking should I black out the player's view when crossing a threshold, so as to limit camera rotation? Hope I have made myself clear. Thanks a lot! @JustinVive @Tony PH Lin @Corvus
  3. Both quality level are set to High, I use realtime lighting in my test scene with only a few gameobjects, and my graphics api is OpenGLES3. @Tony PH Lin @Sean Lu
  4. @Corvus I tried to set Quality level as High/Very High/Ultra High and shadow distance as 50 and 100 respectively, but no cases show the shadow. Anything else I should be aware of? Thank you!
  5. Hi , I'm trying to build VR game from unity to Vive Focus Plus.When build and run on the device, the shadow disappears. They can be shown in editor. It's a simple scene with a couple of objects.Does anyone can help ?Many thanks,Christy
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