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  1. Yes, this is what we have been working with. We need someone, preferably someone at HTC Vive who understands the Actions system and Unity's new Input System to go in and make this script work with all the Actions described in the Khronos OpenXR standards. It sounds like you don't have much knowledge on how that works, so you may need to contact someone who works directly on that. I am guessing likely someone working on the newer Vive Self Tracker is making it work with OpenXR, so they may have some Tracker Profile already created for that, that may have some Actions implemented. Maybe Dario has some knowledge. Here are the Actions outlined in the OpenXR Standards: Out of those Actions, only the "/input/grip/pose" Action works for some reason. I haven't been able to get any of the other Actions working. So, if we can get someone to get those working, that'd solve the problem.
  2. This Original Post is about getting the Vive Tracker to work with OpenXR. If you are unaware, there are 3 major Input Schema's using SteamVR products. 1. OpenVR 2. OpenVR 2.0 (2018) which adds the SteamVR Input Actions system. 3. OpenXR which is the new standard and uses the Unity Input Actions system. I am pretty sure that VIU was built using OpenVR 2.0, and maybe has been updated to work with OpenXR in some ways, but most likely doesn't add any Vive Tracker functionality with OpenXR. If you look at the OP, they share a link to a YouTube video, which currently, is the only way to get the Vive Tracker to work with OpenXR. This is not a HTC Vive implemented way to get Vive Trackers to work with OpenXR, but instead is a custom script written by people on the Unity Forums. So it looks like currently, the Vive Tracker isn't currently officially supported by HTC Vive with OpenXR, only with OpenVR and OpenVR 2.0. It would be great if the Vive Trackers could be officially supported by HTC Vive to use OpenXR, which is the new standard. I am able to get the Vive Tracker with input working in OpenVR 2.0, but not with OpenXR... so this is what I am trying to get solved here. I tested what you suggested, installing VIU and running the UGUI scene, but running this makes no sense as it is a scene meant to work with Controllers, not with Trackers. The tracker doesn't show up, but it works with controller, so this doesn't help.
  3. Great! Thank you. And, no... the issue is that I cannot get pogo pins to work, AT ALL, using OpenXR, regardless of roles. On the Unity forums, it seems no one is able to get it working. I am thinking that maybe the reason it is not working is because I need to assign the tracker to the "Held In Hand" role before the Actions will work, but maybe this is a wrong guess as to why it is not working. I, like many others, just need to be able to get Pogo Pins input, regardless of whichever role is assigned.
  4. Has any progress been made on this? I would think this would be important to get working and compatible with OpenXR, especially if the newer Vive Self Tracking Tracker allows for Pogo Pin Input.
  5. Sure, but not sure if that makes a difference, I am able to get the tracker POSE to work, just not the Pogo Pin Inputs. Have you been able to get them working? Unity 2021.3.18f
  6. I've been struggling the past few days trying to get this to work with POGO Pins for input from the Vive Tracker... as far as I can see, it is not possible. Can anyone at HTC Vive get this working with OpenXR? My guess is that the only way for the Action inputs to work, is to mark the Vive Tracker as a "handheld_object", but I am unable to get input passed to Unity when marking the tracker as "handheld_object" or (Held in Hand)... it will only appear as the other roles, but not as "handheld_object". The OpenXR™ Specification (khronos.org)
  7. Excuse me but why isn't this functionality currently supported? Having Passthrough functionality was one of the main reasons I bought this headset and now I find out it isn't even supported? Even the first Vive headset had passthrough, you shouldn't release a 3rd generation headset that can't even do a basic function the 1st generation headset can do. Does SRWorks or hand tracking even work with this headset or has that also been nixxed? I am using a Vive Cosmos Elite if that helps. I would expect this functionality to at least work with a Wired regular connection, like it did for the HTC Vive Pro. What am I supposed to do with this headset now that it doesn't have the functionality I expected it to have? This is very unprofessional to release a headset missing functionality that it should have. There are 4 cameras on this thing and you tell me none of them are working currently? I was hoping to have a headset with 4 passthrough cameras... but in the least, expected at least 2 like the previous Vive Pro had, and instead I get 0???
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