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  1. We've tried 4.24 and 4.25 with 3.20 ( for 4.25 ) and 4.24 with some earlier options, not sure 100% right now. For earlier version and 4.24 we did copy "third party" folder into engine as advised in manual. Even fresh 4.25 engine install and following perfectly these instuctions https://hub.vive.com/storage/docs/en-us/UnrealPlugin/UnrealSampleStarting.html doesn't get me anywhere. We've been able to start packaged project from one of our computers but then we've had issues with it and we can't reproduce successful packaging anymore... We've even tried frest windows istall with only necessary software and it packages but doesn't start on focus plus.
  2. Good afternoon! We are developing a VR app right now for private university use for Vive Focus Plus. We are having huge issues with packaging, every time we package a build following all the instructions ( very scarse ) about packaging vive focus apps for Unreal, it just shows a torn Unreal logo ( so right part of logo is on the left edge of the left eye and left part of the logo is on the right edge of right eye.. ). Please help! It's driving us nuts. @MariosBikos_HTC
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