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  1. What would be helpful is knowing what version of current headsets have a qualified current driver for the Bluetooth? I would really hate to purchase a new headset and discover it was also plagued by the same situation. Thanks.
  2. It seems if you have Win 11 22H2 with certain Virtual security options enabled, such as Memory Integrity, there is has a problem with the Broadcom Bluetooth 4.1 drivers (BCM20703). I am just wondering if there is or will be a replacement driver soon? I just reinstalled the Cosmos Elite on a clean system and it refused to install until I turned off Memory Integrity. That driver is probably used by many of the headset installs. Does anyone know if the newer headsets use a different Bluetooth driver? Thanks for reading
  3. This thread is a little strange since I thought I posted the answer prior to anyone responding. It took me a little while to find the fine print where I found it.. But thanks to those who gave a reasonable response.. I was going to post another thread about the Vive dashboard causing Alyx to lock up my system but I suppose I will do that on another forum..
  4. I was just wondering if the Vive Cosmos controllers with the design and lights work with the Vive Cosmos Elite headset? Thanks..
  5. I 've had my headset for about two months. The first problem was needing to go to Vive to download the software/drivers. All I wanted were the drivers but I got all the rest also. I did end up reinstalling several times but I never had to go to the folder you mention. I did use Programs and Features to uninstall all the HTC Vive software before I tried to reinstall. Right now the headset works well, when it works, but I am having a situation of the headset not getting the video signal unless I unplug and re-plug the USB cable, every time I start it up. The Vive Pro, which I used for 3 years, had no such problem. I am wondering if that is because the Pro had a switchable power box so you could remove power from the connections where the Cosmos Elite seems to turn itself off but the connections are still made. On another note, if you have any problems with your system staying asleep, please let me know..
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