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VR on a laptop.


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I am looking to play VR on a laptop. It has a 1650 so I am not planning to play anything other than Beat Saber. 

Wondering if there is any way to make it work as my laptop only has a USB-C DP, and HDMI, so I know I have to get a USB C to DisplayPort adapter. The only issue is that my integrated GPU is wired to that port, not the 1650. Will it still be possible to make my Cosmos work or is it impossible to have it pass through the IGPU and work?

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@OriginalT4L - If you've confirmed that only the iGPU is wired to that port, then you're out of luck with all Displayport 1.2+ headsets (Cosmos, Pro 1/2, Index, Pimax, ect...). That port simply would need to be wired to the dGPU - there's no workaround with tethered headsets. You'd probably be able to use a headset that has USB-C streaming since that's just relaying a compressed video through the port.

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