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Base Station 2.0 with SOLID red light


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One of my base stations that came with my HTC Vive Cosmos (brand new) will not track and it shows a solid red light. If I look in its general vicinity I see the white-grey vision of death. All the other lights on the base station work (the little letter in the lower left corner, the 6 red tracking lights on the face, etc). 

This happened after a firmware update. Upon further inspection, it looks like others have also experienced this issue as well and are saying that the issue is most likely due to the hardware/device being faulty and the most recent firmware issue is to blame. I am able to confirm by backdating the firmware update in the base station back (the red light goes away, it's green, etc). However, the moment I allow it to update, the light goes back to solid red.

I am 3 months past my 1 year warranty that came with my brand new HTC Vive Cosmos VR set. I was told by customer service that I need to have my base station repaired. I'm appalled that an update I have to apply is what is causing this issue and flabbergasted that I have to pay $90 for this repair to be fixed when that base station has sat in the same spot on the wall since I got and installed the stations...

Is this really the only way? Customer service did not even attempt to help me troubleshoot my base station so I am very reluctant to believe that it's the only way to resolve this issue.

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