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Vive Wireless Error 101 "WiGig card not found" Please help


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Titan RTX
Ryzen 7 5800x
Asus TUF gaming B550 (plus wifi) [Bios Version 2423]

I'm tearing my hair out over here. 
My background is IT and I've tried literally everything.

Vive wireless will not detect my adapter card. By default it shows "PCIe Encryption decryption device" and then when I manually install the drivers it shows as the proper intel card. EVEN THEN the software still doesnt recognize it and I get a 101 error Wigig card not detected.

So far I've:

Updated Bios
Reinstalled Vive Wireless multiple times
Reinstalled Steam VR Multiple Times
Fresh install of windows
Manually added drivers
Changed to every single PCIE slot on my mobo

What on gods green earth can I even do at this point? I'll buy whatever steam game you want if you can manage to solve my issue.

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