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HTC Vive text blurry


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Hi all

I am brand new to VR and the HTC Vive and I am struggling with the text being blurry, not just in SteamVR but in the games I am playing.

I have noticed in XPlane 11 and IL2 BOS that the gauges are really hard to read. I am somewhat disappointed that the text isn't at least readable.

I am not sure if it is something in SteamVR that I am not setting or something else?

I have an 3700X, 32GDDR4 and a 1070. 

It's been frustrating as I have been trying over several days to adjust the headset straps, IPD setting and the two knobs on the sides of the headset. Nothing seems to clear up the text enough to be clearer.

I wear glasses and have had a friend who doesn't try on the headset and he said the text was blurry as well, so I think it's either the headset itself or a setting somewhere that's affecting the readability of the text.

ANY suggestions would be great as I hate to have to find out that I am not VR compatible!



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