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Running '2D' android apps and using standard android activities/permissions on Vive Focus 3


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I've originally sent tickets to VIVEPORT Help Center (ticket numbers 255793, 254880), but haven't received any answer.
After chatting with customer support, they referred me to this forum.

The inquiry:

We have a regular (non VR) android app which is used as app manager for our VR applications (installing/updating apks, general settings).
This approach is working fine on Oculus Quest 1/2 devices. (The reason we're using a 2D app is because we need to use the standard android package manager install/update intents)

I tried installing this app on the Focus 3 and it did not appear in the library.
I then tried to launch it via android studio, that worked, by it only saw a portion of a permission screen but the content was mirrored and upside down.
Lastly I tried installing/running a 2D launcher, but I got a similar effect.

Apparently the device doesn't correctly render 2d apps.

Fyi if I take a screenshot with android studio or use a mirroring application like vysor, it looks perfect.

Are there plans to support 2D apps or is there another way we can make this work?

An additional related question, we have implemented screensharing for VR applications, this uses the native android MediaProjection API.
Since the Vive Focus is not capable of rendering basic android screens, the media projection permission dialog cannot be approved.
Would it be possible to add support for this permission?

Just FYI, the Pico Neo 3 supports this since their last firmware update.
It used to work on Oculus Quest 2, but was broken in a recent firmware update (it does still work on Oculus for Business devices)
-> That’s why we’re looking for alternatives.

Thanks and kind regards,

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