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Connecting Cosmos Elite to Dell Precision 5670

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Trying to connect a Cosmos Elite to the Thunderbolt-4 port on a Dell Precision laptop.

I have a DisplayPort to USB-C adapter that worked on a previous laptop which was using an NVIDIA 2060.  This new laptop is using an Nvidia RTX A3000.  

When I look at the Nvidia control panel it shows that the thunderbolt ports are mapped to the Nvidia.  However, when I plug in the display port adapter, it switches it over to the default GPU.  Since the USB-C seems to be mapped to the nvidia, is there any way to get it to work when using the adapter?  Maybe I need a new adapter?



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Wanted to report my solution for anyone else who finds this with the same problem.  The Dell Precision laptop has a BIOS setup parameter under the Display menu (reboot, enter BIOS setup, click Display) called Direct Output which will connect the NVidia to the output ports no matter what.  This is OFF by default.  Once I set it to ON and rebooted, everything ran perfectly and the Cosmos Elite worked just fine through the USB-C via a Display Port adapter.

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