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Configuration of many Vive systems in same home networks

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I bought 3 pcs and 3 vive systems for me and my brothers.

Each one is in different room.

I downloaded games to my own pc only (all games are under my aqccount).

Do I have to create for the other 2 pcs different account or I can use the same vive/steam account?

Do I have to purchase again the same games for each computer even that all 3 of them are in the same local network?





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 - I know for STEAM, you will need 3 STEAM accounts and each one of them needs the game in question.


STEAM does have the "family sharing" option - but if I remember right, two people CANNOT use the same game (or even the same library) at the same time.


As for VIVEPORT - I believe this is the same, however I am not as familiar with it.


RecRoom is FREE! http://store.steampowered.com/app/471710/ you three could jump in there and have some fun!!

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 - It's been this way since... forever basically.


If you want to play DESTINY with your family member - both you and them need to have PS4's AND the game.


If back in the day you and a friend wanted to play StarCraft together - you'd both need the game.

Now you could illegal copy the CD, etc.... but if you both wanted to play online you would both need CD-Keys.



Multi-player games have almost always been this way, unless they supported split-screen (Mario Racing, etc). If you and a friend want to play - you'll both need copies.

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