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All green! but my headset display is flickering


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i was playing with my vive today and all of a sudden the display started going black and flickering in the right eye. everything in steamvr is green and the only other thing it says is that the compositor is not launched. i just can't launch the compositor.

i have already had one problem with a black display, but i fixed it by replacing the hdmi cable going from the link box to my pc.

i have tried removing usb drivers and rebooting my pc but still nothing

i think it has something to do with my cables, but i would like to know if anyone has the same problem


thanks in advance!

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To resolve the Compositor issue, could you please close out steam, and reopen as administrator?  If that does not work to start the compositor, you may need to uninstall and reinstall Steam.


Regarding the issue with the HMD;  If you get the compositor working it may clear up the issue you're having with the HMD.  If it does not, please try the following:


1.  bypass the link box and connect the 3in1 cable from the HMD directly to the PC and test it.  

--If that doesn't help--

2. try to bypass the link box and use the short HDMI and USB cable and connect it directly to the HMD.  


Plese let us know the outcome of these tests.  

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On 11/6/2017 at 1:04 AM, ghosthunter_DK said:

i found out that the problem was just a broken HDMI cable from my pc to the link box, so i changed it and now it works perfectly :D

Thank God for this fix, I was losing my mind over the flickering and having to restart every time it popped up! Was sifting through all the software and completely overlooked this simple fix, thank you so much!!!

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