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Vive FAQ: What should I do if I don't hear a sound while using the audio cable?


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Make sure that the headset is on normal mode and not on standby, and that theSteamVR app is running on your computer.

If it doesn't solve your problem, do the following:
Option Description
Make sure that SteamVRis sending audio to Vive

  1. From your computer, open the SteamVR app.
  2. Click GUID-3BC52243-780C-40BE-B64D-C2645C60EDA1-web.png, and then select Settings > Audio.
  3. On the Set playback device to drop-down list, choose HTC-VIVE or select Speakers (USB-Audio Device).

Make sure that Windowsis sending audio to Vive

  1. On your computer, right-click the Volume icon on the task tray.
  2. Click Playback devices, and then select HTC-VIVE.
  3. Right click HTC-VIVE, and then select Set as default device.

You may also need to right-click on any detected audio device, and select Show disabled devices andShow disconnected devices.

Check the volume of HTC-VIVE audio device and current program On your computer, right-click the Volume icon on the task tray. Do the following:

  • Find the volume slider for HTC-VIVE, and then set it to 50%.
  • Click Mixer. Find the current program, and then set the volume to 50%.

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