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Coordinate System Of VIVE PRO EYE

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Hello there.

I have been searching for these information below, but I can not find them.

1.Relationship and Calculation Method between LensOrigin and GazeOrigin.
I have seen the attached picture, but I have not understand the coordinate systems between LensOrigin and GazeOrigin.
Where can I get information that explains how to calculate the eyes angle?


2.Design Values for LensOrigin and SystemOrigin
Could you tell me the design value for LensesOrigin and SystemOrigin?
The Lense knob can be changed, so is only the z coordinate of Lens Origin of variable?
If so, does the number of the distance displayed in a image of HMD when changing the distance of lenses show the z-distance from the system origin to lense origin?

3.Relationship between Lens Origin and Screen Coordinates
Where can I get information about the relationship between Screen coordinates and Lens Origin?

If the z direction of Lens Origin is variable , does it affect the gaze angle in the screen coordinates?


Moreover, It would be helpful if anyone share documents about the coordinate systems about VIVE PRO EYE.



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