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Vive Cosmos Headset not getting detected


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I have a Vive Cosmos headset which was in working condition 6 months ago. Now the problem is the headset is not getting detected. The Vive Software does not identify the display port cable connection from the linkbox. The usb 3.0 connection takes time, but gets detected after a while.

I have a GTX 1060 with all the display drivers updated to the latest version. The display ports work as my monitors are getting detected in them, but I'm not sure why the Vive software doesn't detect the headset connection with the displayports.

I have updated my motherboard and the processor on my gaming rig. The vive software says that i9 10850k is not compatible with my Vive cosmos. Not sure what that means. However, I tried it with my older rig (i5 7th gen) too but the displayport still doesnt detect. Which makes me think the gtx graphic card has a problem with Vive display port cable.

I've ordered a minidisplay port to hdmi cable to connect the linkbox to the graphic card. Lets see how that goes.

Has anyone faced this issue and any solutions to resolve this?

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