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Vive Console error 224, but only 1 monitor connected

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When I launch SteamVR after the headset is powered on, my computer locks up and my display flashes off and on for about 30 seconds. Afterwards, SteamVR shows error -203, and the Vive Console shows error 224 (too many displays). I only have 1 monitor connected other than the VR headset. VR used to work with this exact same hardware and ports used about 3 weeks ago when I last used it. Since then I had to reinstall Windows on the machine. The reason I did a reinstall was actually because I installed Viveport and whatever nonsense it changed with the drivers and with the Vive Console caused SteamVR to BSOD when launched. Viveport never worked either. I was unable to revert the changes through system restore, manually removing drivers / repairing them, etc, so I decided to just wipe everything and start over.

GPU: RTX 3090
Driver: 511.23
Steam VR version: 1.20.4
Vive Console version: (installed through Steam, I don't know why the version doesn't match with the latest posted on this website)
Vive Console Issue Trace Number: 20220116072753 And submitted another after not being sure the first went through here: 20220116074650


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