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Vive Pro 2 Not being clear


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Hello everyone! i recently (in the past few months) have upgraded from the original vive to the pro 2. Now, i have done the whole measure ur pupil distance and such, ive cleaned my lenses llord knows how many time. my game is never clear, it looks like if a small amount of grease is on the lense and it causes like brightness of whites and slightly unreadable text. i have display settings at where they are suppose to. 
i have a i9 11900K @ 5.3 and a EVGA 3080TI FTW 3 ultra. so its not a performance issue. ive searched and searched to try and clear it up. now i know theres a DCS VR tool to set the correct distance bewteen lenses. (maybe thats the issue) but its not just DCS, its pavlov and others. now the placement of my head seems like a big deal (and a slightly poor design flaw in the lenses) but i just cant get it to be clear. any advice from the pros or people who know how to set the distance of the lenses in DCS. and im not the only one having this issue in DCS with this HMD. any assistance is appreciated.  some things look amazing, but when i actually try to focus on something its just becomes unclear, esp if i have to look down or up. 


    L_OUT    =1.632019,
    L_IN    =0.834179,
    L_TOP    =1.111132,
    L_BTM    =1.132368,
    R_OUT    =1.632019,
    R_IN    =0.834179,
    R_TOP    =1.111132,
    R_BTM    =1.132368,



This BTW is what i have set up for DCS as the distances of the screens and lenses. if its wrong or needs fixed please lmk! 


Brandon Hostetter

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@CaptainGaming Some of what you're describing is likely what's specifically known as fresnel glare. Fresnel lenses have a complex 3D shape and the structures can capture light and smear it if there is a point source of light with a black background. It's an unfortunate tradeoff of that lens design. Fresnels will probably be completely phased out of VR quickly in favor of layered optics (like you find on Vive Flow).

Super sampling to the maximum that you can hit framerate at and setting the Vive console quality setting to to Ultra might help some.

I would try something like Google Earth VR or HL:A to set a baseline for visual quality on the headset so you can better understand the headset's baseline visual quality so you can figure out what's the headset and what's DCS.

That said, the way DCS handles VR support is unlike any other game I've seen. Beyond the WMR/manual correction tool, some of the VR shader mods and performance tweaks you might need to make are pretty deep in the woods compared to any other title on my radar. There seem to be hours long videos debating the perf effects of various settings and configs when it comes to VR. It sounds like a game that you can spend hours tuning to run properly in VR regardless of headset. That primary thread on eagle is probably your best bet for feedback on those manual correction values. At the end of the day EDGE is a proprietary engine, and VR with proprietary engines is wild west stuff that usually hits support limitations compared to a game using Unity/Unreal (e.g. Fallout 4 VR & Skyrim VR via Creation Engine).


What glare in the first gen headsets was like:


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